WTFog? Menopause Hub

The WTFog? Menopause Hub is an exciting new space dedicated to empowering and equipping women through perimenopause and menopause! Menopause isn’t ’the end’ of anything (other than our periods perhaps). I firmly believe it’s the beginning of so many good things. BUT….

  • Too many women become undermined by symptom creep.
  • Too many women are leaving their beloved careers as a result.
  • Too many women are losing their confidence during this time.
  • Too many women are told their symptoms don’t matter.
  • Too many women are left with poor care and little information, so don’t know what to do or where to turn.

The Hub is the antidote to all of that!

The focus is education, sound information, empowerment and support. This is a significant, often disruptive transition that can impact our health, work, relationships and wellbeing during and beyond. Until now, it has been largely misunderstood and is still shrouded in mystery and myth. The Hub will give you access to EXPERTS who will EDUCATE and EMPOWER you! 
You are then in a position to make informed decisions, feel confident about change and most importantly THRIVE and not just SURVIVE! 

Meet some of our HUB Experts

Dr Samantha Davies & Dr Sally Louden
Menopause Specialist GP’s Everything Menopause

Ruth Taylor - Ruth Taylor Nutrition.
Registered Nurse, Nutrionist & Health Coach

Helen Davis

Hypnotherapist & Bones for Life Practitioner

Vonayi Nyamazana

Executive Menopause Coach & Founder of

Menopause Hub Programme 2024

20 Feb

Looking after our bones and building good postural alignment - Helen Davis

19 March

How menopause is for Black African women - Voni Nyamazana (Founder

16 April

Understanding HRT, types, how it works, how long you can take it for, come with your questions! - Sarah Lyon (Advanced Clinical Practitioner & Women's Health Specialist @ Newson Health 

21 May

Lifestyle solutions to help you manage your menopause - Emma Meads

18 June

[TBC] Understanding blood sugars and menopause - Ruth Taylor Nutritionist

16 July

Ask the GP! Plus an update from the BMS Conference on Menopause Care - Dr Sam Davies 

20 August

Sleep issues through peri/menopause and what to do - Dr Sally Louden 

17 September

[TBC]Gut health & digestive issues - Ruth Taylor

15 October

Mindfulness for Menopause. A guided workshop to help you reduce anxiety and stress - Helen Morris - Mindfulness Trainer

19 November

17 December

Menopause and our pelvic floor! Understanding what we can do to help eg stress incontinence and other issues  - with Camilla Lawrence Women's Health Physio 

[TBC] Menopause & Sleep - Dr Sally Louden 

What do I get if I join the Hub?

Menopause Tuesdays:
Monthly 1.5 hour interactive Expert session on the theme for the month. These will be recorded so you can catch up if you're unable to attend. 
Monthly Newsletter:
Filled with resource, tips, solutions and links to further reading.
Group Support:
A private Facebook Group providing space for ongoing conversation and support.
Menopause Tuesday recordings 
Fact sheets
Downloadable resources

How do I join?

1. Decide how long you want to join for
Three, six or twelve months? Click the 'Join Here' button and you'll be taken through to payment.
2. Look out for joining instructions via email.
Once payment is made, you will be sent a joining email (not necessarily immediately!) check your junk email if you don't receive it within 24 hours.
3. Join the private Facebook Group
Full instructions are given in the joining email. All you have to do is click the link to join. Once approved you'll be in!
4. Monthly Session details
Each Hub session has its own Zoom link which will be sent to you via the monthly Hub Newsletter and be available in the Hub Facebook Group. You need to pre-register to join each session, once registered you'll receive joining instructions from Zoom. Click and you're in!

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