About us

Jo Ibbott


I am an Executive Coach having gained my Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AoEC in 2017. I love coaching, holding the space for people as they make new discoveries about themselves, their work, their leadership and their challenge. 

In 2019 I discovered my real passion when I realised the impact Menopause is having on people in the workplace and on the workplace itself.  At that point I knew I had found my true purpose!

I trained with the Kathryn Colas Academy as an Executive Menopause Coach and now deliver Menopause Management Training for workplaces, alongside One-to-One coaching for people navigating menopause who are finding it challenging at work, or whose careers are at risk of being impacted.

In 2020 I founded, the ‘What the Fog?’ Facebook Group for people navigating menopause which currently has 1.1K members. This provides information, support and guidance and hosts in-person meet ups as well as information sessions.

As an Executive Coach I work with individuals in leadership roles within the Church and Business looking to discover their authentic leadership style. Also with those in career transition who want to identify ‘what next?’ and rediscover their purpose and values.