Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

I love to help people discover more about themselves – skills, gifts, talents, values and character – and explore how that shows up in their leadership. This brings with it confidence and authenticity that means, quite bluntly, if we work together you will become a better leader because you aren’t trying to be someone else or lead in a way that isn’t you. You will find your courage and confidence increasing, both essential qualities of healthy leadership.

The process of coaching inevitably takes leaders on a journey that exposes vulnerabilities, through challenging conversation, deep listening and observation on my part. 

If you’re not up for this then you’re not ready to be coached…

…but if you ARE and you want to personally and professionally develop, then we can do some great work together to raise your self-awareness, learn some new things and give you the space to grow into your leadership skin. 



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What businesses and organisations say

about their time with us:

“I was at a junction in my life – I’d just been made redundant from a role I’d been in for 5 years and become increasingly unhappy with. I didn’t want to leap into something else and make another mistake, but was really struggling to identify what was important to me and what I needed out of a job, and how it tied into my happiness in general.

I was introduced to Courage Coaching by a friend and although I have been sceptical about the value of coaching in the past was impressed by the professional way we rapidly set up the first meeting, and how the sessions panned out. An hour and a half of reflection is something I never would have tried before but Jo Ibbott led me on a great journey to a better level of understanding of who I am and what I need. Through some great insight into what I was telling her, practical exercises and being a wonderful sounding board I have prioritised those things which are really important to me and understand what underpins who I really am.

Following our sessions I feel empowered through better personal clarity to consider carefully future roles that are being offered to me and I am looking at some exciting new ventures that will play to my strengths, and provide a better balance in my life. Without Jo I believe I could have ended up “sticking to what I knew”, and being in the same place in a few years time.

Thank you for your help Jo, and I do miss our sessions.”

Marcus, Director, Lead 2 Fusion

“Jo is a truly authentic coach. She is a highly talented leadership practitioner who offers invaluable coaching for those wanting to develop their confidence as a leader. As an integral part of my leadership team, I can highly recommend Jo and Courage Coaching to you.”

Sim Dendy, Senior Leader at Freedom Church UK