Menopause Coaching

Menopause Coaching

Women are fastest growing workforce demographic in the UK today. Women in mid-life are leaving the workforce in vast numbers, citing menopause symptoms as the cause. Workplaces are losing experienced, talented women. Women are losing their careers.

Something has to change…

Menopause, and its younger sister perimenopause can be a hugely confusing time of life. The subject is largely taboo, the symptoms are largely a mystery and treatments are largely unknown. It’s the perfect storm. Menopause coaching will help any person who’s wondering What the Fog? is going on

So, if you’re thinking….

I used to love my work

Where’s my confidence gone?

Who even am I these days…and where’s that rage come from?

How did I ever manage to multi-task or remember people’s names?

I just can’t do this job any more.

I’ve literally no idea what’s happened or why I can’t do my job any more, but I really can’t.

Where do I live?

…then Menopause Coaching could be for you!

Menopause Coaching involves:

  • Having a confidential space to talk it through with someone that understands.
  • Dispelling the myths that surround menopause so you’re better informed.
  • Identifying symptoms, how they are impacting you and what you can do about that.
  • Options for managing symptoms from HRT to lifestyle management – empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Identifying the impact on you at work and what you need to thrive.
  • Dispelling the fog, finding clarity and focus so that you are no longer undermined by your symptoms.

What next?

  • Book a no-obligation conversation!
  • We’ll put a package together that suits you.
  • Session length and number of sessions tailored to your time and budget.


What individuals say

about their time with us:

Thank you Jo for guiding me through my menopausal fog!!